Stop Smoking

One session €200 (free follow up session usually offered if required)

In one session we work with your will power and during relaxed states or trance state speak directly with your Subconscious mind to ensure your desired outcome .. to stop smoking.. is one that is easier and puts you in control. A quick direct way to convince your subconscious mind to stop smoking for life. cravings control can be offered also.

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Anxiety and Worry

Prices from €120 and sessions may vary in quantity

Anxiety is a growing statistic effecting over 40% of people in Ireland and UK. using various advanced techniques and regression therapy we get to the source of the problem and reprogram and change your mindset , like a computer rebooting, clearing away any old worries, concerns and limiting beliefs and giving your brain all the new positive suggestions for change. Trauma is held in a protective barrier by the Unconscious brain and using regression therapy with clinical advanced hypnotherapy we access these barriers and get to the very root of anxiety.

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Weight Management Programs

Prices from €160 to €750 for the full 6 session program.

Ranging from one session for reducing or eliminating the cravings for sugar, or the cravings of greasy foods in your diet, to a fully integrated solution based program for weight loss and management. Over 6 sessions which covers every aspect of comfort eating and weight gain to practical solutions for weight loss, gastric band , regression therapy, direct suggestions and aversion to fatty foods, heightened focus and energy to exercise and drink water.

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Hypno Gastric Band

Price is €250

One session which can also be incorporated into the 6 week program. Using the unconscious mind and clinical hypnotherapy, your body will believe what your mind tells it too. You won’t feel any pain however the mind tricks the body into believing it has had Gastric Band Surgery. Automatically, portion sizes are reduced helping for long term weight loss and management.

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Pain Management, Confidence, Self Esteem & Public speaking

€160 for first session and from €100 for follow up appointments

Eliminating any limiting beliefs or fears and programming the Subconscious mind with direct suggestions. South East Therapy also (over a number of sessions) help manage pain in the body such as IBS, Neuralgia, back pain.

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Fears and Phobias

One session €160 or every other session needed is from €120

Using regression therapy, conversational hypnosis , CBT and NLP we talk directly to the source of this fear and reduce or eliminate the fear itself and any underlying causes.

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that has been around for hundreds of years, also called mesmerism.

It is used to create subconscious changes to create new responses, new thoughts, new attitudes, behaviors or feelings. It is a way to talk directly to the subconscious mind where long term programming replaces past destructive ones. During deep relaxation your conscious or thinking mind simply takes a break while all of your desired programming such as “I want to be happy, I want to lose weight, I don’t want sugar” and so on can be directly inputted into the Subconscious and long term memory.

Using advanced methods of hypnosis therapy or the desired results you want, changes will occur. Its that simple.

If you want the changes to occur they will, and permanently.

As Cognitive behavioral therapists we also combine this in therapy called , Cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy (CBH). The use of CBT in conjunction with hypnotherapy may result in greater treatment effectiveness. Meaning, it works really really well. Hypnosis is a wonderful relaxed state of trance where you are fully aware and in control at all times. most people afterwards feel energized and refreshed and really positive about their future.

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