Clearing Space

Striving … “to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. To struggle or fight vigorously”.

To struggle or fight vigorously!

Does it feel familiar to always be striving? Striving in your job, in your life, in your thoughts. Striving continuously to make things happen. Never having enough time, never relaxing. Vat returns, the children’s class projects handed in late, the run that you didn’t have time to take or the washing basket filling over. Or perhaps it is about the self-imposed deadlines, courses or training, taking on too much as any one time. The deadlines and restrictions you have put in place in your life.

Never enough time! Striving to make all these things happen, and usually the need for it to happen right now. By the very definition of striving we are introducing a fight, using great efforts and lots of much needed energy. Why do we knowingly incorporate these extra challenges into our lives?

In cognitive behavioural therapy I learnt as a baby born into the world, they are born with basic sense of hearing and sight, unconscious or automatic movements. A baby sleeps, they eat, they develop functions to grow and evolve. A baby isn’t born with the sense of self-imposed hardships or the need to make things happen.

Why do we self-impose, where did we learn to live like this? Why do we strive for more, to introduce this fight into our lives? Why do we needlessly make our lives more difficult?

By the very definition of Destiny – that “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person in the future”, you have that comfort, that sense of allowing things to happen in their own time. To be ok with the silence and the time in-between your goals and moving forward onto the next phase.

In universal law it says that the world and our universe will keep moving and working as it supposed to, it has a plan, it has its purpose and it will keep in motion everything. What this means is that the world has a plan for you, you will attract the people, the jobs the emotions and feelings if you simply let it.

It’s a common known thought that by clearing out space and clutter within the home that instantly you feel refreshed and energized and invoke new thoughts and energy into your life.

I had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring talented woman who said to me recently “life can be easier than I make it, if I simply leave space in the universe open it will all come to me” (Andrea Crowe Ireland – Life Coach).

She told me a story of how she had lost her phone and with it my phone number for over a year. She continued to say that she was clearing out when her instincts told her to hang onto her winter copy of Atlantis Magazine. Not knowing why she put it to one side. Later that day she sat down and was flicking through it and saw an article which had my phone number, which then thankfully led to re- connecting with me again.

The universe is continuously working for us and by invoking that sense of being patient, letting it happen , not striving or fighting for it and accepting it with open arms when it arrives. The law of attraction meaning that you can send out thoughts and goals to the universe that will come back to in reality like a magnet, attracting either positive or negative results back.

Dolores Cannon creator of QHHT, calls the “Subconscious mind as the over soul, Higher self or Higher consciousness, The Universal mind or oneness of source” and also wrote the bestseller “The convoluted universe”

The universe being therefore a monumental source of power that can be easier for you than you make it by striving and letting go. To have that sense of freedom, freedom to stop and know that your plan is in place. To allow you to be determined and focused of course but to do it without the fight and with the freedom to know the Universe has your back.

To let go of the fight, to stop striving, to clear space in your mind, the universe and to enjoy your journey.

Triona Sheeran Signature

Triona Sheeran, South East Therapy