What Is CBT?

(CBT) is a Science based approach to therapy, an effective combination of talk therapy and behavioural therapy.  CBT is a type of psychotherapy in which patients reframe or rethink negative patterns and emotions into positive thoughts.  Transforming one’s thoughts will ultimately result in positive actions and behaviours in difficult moments.

CBT aims to teach you effective coping strategies for dealing with different problems throughout life such as  Fears , Unwanted negative thinking styles, stress and anxiety, anger, OCD, irrational behaviour, ASD behavioural problems (in some cases this may not be applicable)

Its suitable for

  • Teens & Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Various forms of ASD / ADHD

Research shows this technique is an effective therapy for not only depression and panic disorder, but many illnesses and dysfunctional behaviours and food issues as well as OCD and over eating.

Successful cognitive behavioural therapy sessions consist of a healthy collaboration between the counsellor and the individual receiving therapy.

CBT can be useful to individuals suffering from eating disorders, and research has shown that CBT  can help individuals who have gained weight during recovering from food aversions and over eating to avoid a relapse and maintain a healthy weight.


Ranging from 6 to 20 sessions, all our therapists will assess after 6 sessions with the client to see if more sessions are required to achieve the desired goal.

Home practice, Mindfulness and other techniques are incorporated into each session.

The goal of CBT is to ultimately empower individuals to feel healthier in mind and in behaviour. Learning to take control of one’s thoughts will help to instil the willpower and strength to overcome the problem or identified issue CBT is an effective way to meet the needs of all individuals suffering from unhealthy thoughts and eating patterns.