What is the Marie Mongan Method?

Marie Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing® is a way to plan a pregnancy and birth a calm and natural way. Using deep relaxation meditations, hypnosis to remove and pre-conditioned fears surrounding birth or delivery and advanced techniques it is incredibly empowering to the birthing partners and baby.

Calm mum = Calm baby

The 5 step Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing® program covers all aspects pf pregnancy and delivery and your homeward journey. It trains the partners on how to work with any unusual or unexpected occurrences during pregnancy and delivery in a calm way.

Why Marie Mongan Method Method?

Unlike any other hypnosis or calm birthing methods Marie Mongan has spent over 50 years perfecting this amazing program. As clinical Hypnotherapists and child birth educators the scripts and processes that are used in the program are extremely advanced and comprehensive.

It also covers parental bonding with baby, visualizations for an easy birth , focusing on the baby and natural process of the body. It covers practical medical advise about your pregnancy, how to prepare, nutrition, exercises ,breathing, and encourages bonding father bonding at an early stage. It is very empowering for the partner as they can be fully involved from start to end.

Group programs (max 7 partners). Run over 5 2.5 hour sessions with refreshments €500

One to One programs. One to one programs suits many working couples where the times are adapted each month to suit their individual needs (POA).

Also available is bespoke pregnancy relaxation and self hypnosis meditations in our shop page so you can enjoy this empowering pregnancy your way from the comfort of your home.

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Getting ready for the 5/5 program for Marie Mongan Method HypnoBirthing with a wonderful couple . It really is a privilege to work with families and baby from start to finish .
It’s hard to say an attachment isn’t formed with the baby. HypnoBirthing is an incredible way to introduce your baby to the world , encouraging a calm and relaxed pregnancy and birth, empowering you with choices .

Individual birthing partners , doulas or couples or groups . Pls call 0877139911 or email hello@southeast hypno.ie

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