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The Mind is really an incredible creation. It holds the ability to be happy or sad, to be in pain or free. Many people suffer from various illnesses and depression or anxiety and it is said that over 40% of people In Ireland today are on some form of Anti-depressants.

This, of course, leading to therapies. It can be boggling (Yes I did use that word) , absolutely boggling, for some, to know what therapy to choose and where to go. Some people wasting may years at different techniques to find that ultimate prize, Freedom.

There is much talk of “Regression Therapy” around UK, America and Europe, It’s the latest Buzz word in therapy and a unique method of therapy taking the World by storm. Some practitioners around the world are booked up solid for over two years, and more awareness as of late about RT within Ireland as its taking hold.

Specialising in Regression Therapy and also Past Life Regression, the most common question I get from clients is “What is Regression Therapy and can it help me?

It is a technique used by many hypnotherapists or practitioners to instruct the subconscious to go to an earlier childhood event, usually younger than 7. To access the source of the problem, that the client has raised, as a current issue or problem, such as depression.

The benefits of such is that, by accessing the source , or where that behaviours first came about, using various transformations and processes, this memory or trauma can be dis-armed, if you will, changed to a more positive experience and thus letting go of the current day problem/.

From a therapeutic point of view, regression therapy works incredibly well with fears / phobias, depression and anxiety, personality disorders and unexplained illnesses, relationship issues.

Regression therapy may help where other therapies have not worked as quite literally it gets to the very source or the cause of the problem. How it started, why it is still present and how to transform it. Literally in a matter of a few sessions permeant and lasting results can occur.

As I always say to my clients when I recommend Regression Therapy “quite simply, it works, and it works really well”.

Andy Tomlinson, a graduate in Psychology, registered Psychotherapist, author of Healing the Eternal Soul, Exploring the Eternal Soul among others runs the Past Life regression Academy who states “Its mission is to teach ways of healing a client’s soul and soul evolution. The techniques work on all energetic levels of the mind, body and soul and provide the integration and alignment of energies and full healing by going to the source issue”.

And I couldn’t agree more. Having studied myself Science for 2 years, Hons BSc. , cognitive behavioural therapy, Conversational Hypnosis, Dip Clinical advanced Hypnotherapy ,QHHT level 2, regression Therapy Dip, the power and transformational effects of RT still amaze me, and I have made it my main focus for therapy in sessions.

Results of regression therapy, like most other forms of psychotherapy, it can be broken down into three sectors (Ref

  • Mental results: clarity, mindfulness, self-knowledge, understanding people, liberation of limiting beliefs.
  • Emotional results: inner calm, self-acceptance and self-confidence, restored empathy and positive emotions and expression of emotions.
  • Somatic results: disappearing of psychosomatic complaints like low energy, tensions, hypersensitivities and symptoms without medical explanation.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is the same / similar process ,however instructing the mind to go to the very first time or source, even if another life, of the current day problem. Sometimes a client can spontaneously go to a different life when instructed to go to the very source of the problem, and it can take them by surprise.

A very analytical, Atheist, female client was having a Regression Therapy session for psoriasis , a condition that she had tried every other imaginable therapy for with little or no results, when instructed to go the source of the problem , ended up in World War 1 as a male officer , and was so shocked nearly came out of trance. She says “I could feel the itchy wool on my body, hear the guns from across the field, I have never felt anything like it”.

Regression can offer so much more than clinical therapy, moving into the realm of spiritual guidance, and direction. Dolores Cannon (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and published author of over 17 books such as Convoluted Universe) of QHHT method, uses a technique she developed, where the client can go into a past life, a current life event or a future event in a spontaneous fashion without instruction on specifically where to go.

Yet it always is applicable to their journey, their interview questions and where they are at that moment in life. Dolores, in this unique method, leaves it up to the persons Subconscious or Higher Mind to bring the, were they need to go.

The method based on the idea of universal healing on multiple dimensions, change one life story on one dimension and it can change a chain of patterns. During very relaxed states of trance (i.e. hypnosis) a person will be guided into a place where a deep connection with their higher selves or their soul for answers. Many clients book in for the age old question “Why am I here”, “I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing” or physical healing for unexplained physical ailments.

I myself found myself (never realising how truly lost I was) from a Regression session, asking the very same thing. I felt stuck in my job, as successful and exciting as it was. I had no complaints really; I was well paid and had worked hard to achieve my status. Yet something felt off, not quite right.

During the session I received information that was so powerful, so convincing and within my soul what I knew to be utterly true. It led me to a complete career change, fulfilment, a sense of purpose and a new life and I have never looked back.

Each QHHT regression session I can honestly say is transformational.

Other associated methods of regression therapy, is a method called Bridging, a process where no hypnosis is even needed. Dipping into the clients physical or emotional state, they spontaneously, and with little instruction ,go directly to the source of that problem.

Some client’s wish to regress to the day of their birth and with surprisingly accuracy can relive that moment that the conscious mind would have buried.

Body Therapy is another incredible form of regression. Talking to the body and removing more of the conscious interference, the body holds memories of past events or traumas, albeit in a past life or a present current life memory. By Building the feeling of that body memory a client can easily access the source of the psychical aspect and thus transform it.

Babette Rothschild author of “The Body Remembers” wrote “as complex a disorder PTSD is it requires a comprehensive approach this book bills and clams nutrition the trunk size body is essential to attrition the traumatized mind emphasizing that PTSD is a disorder which importance massive components in addition to well-documented psychological components”.

I always advise everyone the first question you need to ask Is Regression Therapy for you?

There are contra indicators to Regression therapy (Past Life Regression, Body Therapy, Analytical regression, Age Regression, Inner child regression)

Some conditions are mental disorders, some cases of autism, who are seriously compulsive or obsessive or truly paranoid. It is difficult with the addicted, the unemotional and those hardly aware of their own body.

For chronic problems like migraines and insomnia the conclusion is not clear yet. Also psychosis, epilepsy, Bi-Polar and Anti-depressants, suicidal thoughts.

In conclusion Regression therapy , QHHT and Past life regression are amazing ways to really become unlocked, fantastic therapy tools for both mental and psychical problems and really to help answer any deep routed questions and those seeking guidance. Seek a professionally qualified therapist and don’t be afraid to ask all your questions in advance.

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