Life Coaching at South East Therapy

Having worked and achieved well in corporate environments for many years , Earning a Hons BSc computing science degree among many other certifications including Life coaching dip and a TTT, I am so passionate about helping you, using a step by step program approach, to achieving your goals.

Either personal Life coaching or Holistic Business coaching, Triona will over usually 6 sessions (either Skype or live sessions) help you unblock, realize and achieve your set goals and targets whether its personal achievements or Business targets through measured solution based techniques.

Having Performed such roles as IT manager for a large Hotel Booking company, Corporate Customer Services manager and a consultant in marketing and Business development combining these skills with Life coaching is a killer combination.

This is a two way solution based coaching.

I promise to be dedicated and listen to your goals and help you align and achieve them but it is a two way exchange.

This program is enjoyable and you are guaranteed to feel empowered and enabled and confidence in your abilities and your plans afterwards.

Having unique knowledge and vast experience in both the holistic working environment, corporate and App development I will help you help yourself.

Beautiful bespoke offices in Greystones or Dublin City or Skype one to one’s available.

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