About South East Therapy

Hello, I am Triona Sheeran.

As Managing Director and one of the Therapists and Coaches at South East Therapy Practice welcome to our page.

Explore our pages and learn more about what we do in our practice and why we are so passionate about South East Therapy. How we make real long lasting changes in people’s lives, using a range of different advanced techniques. Your experiences and comfort are our priority and as such we are qualified and accredited to the highest levels, fully insured with professional therapy rooms. We are all female therapists and confidentiality is assured at all times.

We approach each client with a unique perspective and session plan and each approach is custom designed as we know no two people are alike.

We can make you a promise, that you have our full attention and commitment to empowering you and showing you the power that lies within yourself to change your mindset for positive results .

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